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Reduction of waste and promotion of recycling

*Company-wide initiatives with annual goal for each fiscal year:

  • Task automation by utilizing design tools and production equipment for reducing failure waste.
  • Reuse of shipping/logistics materials (e.g., cushioning materials and reusable containers) for delivered goods by working together with material suppliers.
  • Resource recycling by separating waste and fostering employee education and training.

Promotion of energy saving

*Company-wide initiatives with annual goal for each fiscal year:

  • Saving electricity by setting voluntary standard for equipment usage (e.g., Management of air conditioning temperature settings, turning off unnecessary lights)
  • Converting floor lighting to LED.
  • Automatic power and water saving by adopting motion sensor activated faucets and lighting.
  • Reusing the power that was previously wasted as heat by introducing our “regenerative Bi-directional DC power supply” for production.


  • Annual education for all employees on "compliance" and "environment".
  • Obtaining information on amendments to environmental laws on a regular basis and applying them promptly.

Green procurement and design

  • Established a material control system with parts suppliers to manage chemical substances contained in our products.
  • Applying parts, materials, and process that comply with environmental regulatory requirements for our products.

Support to educational institutions


Yokohama National University, Formula Project

Sponsorship of Yokohama National University Formula Project Team


The University of Tokyo, EV Formula UTEF

Sponsored the University of Tokyo EV Formula UTEF, which produced an EV formula car from scratch and raced it at the Student Formula Japan Tournament.


Nagoya University, Formula Team FEM

Sponsored the Nagoya University Student Formula Team FEM, which participated in the Student Formula Japan EV class.


Osaka Institute of Technology, Solar Car Project Team/Team REGALIA

Sponsored the Osaka Institute of Technology solar car project team/Team REGALIA, which aims to participate in the world's highest solar car race "World Solar Challenge" as a sponsor.


Kyushu Institute of Technology, Student Formula Team - KIT EV Formula VolTech

Sponsorship of the Kyushu Institute of Technology student formula team, KIT EV Formula VolTech, which is aiming to participate in the Student Formula Japan EV division.