About Us

Message from the top management

Efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions are rapidly expanding globally to avoid the environmental impact of climate change caused by global warming. The essence of reducing greenhouse gas emissions is to break away from dependence on fossil energy and improve energy use efficiency. To realize carbon-neutral society, it is necessary to develop and put into practical use various technologies such as the electrification of internal combustion engines, the use of renewable energy, and the improvement of battery performance.

Since its establishment in 1950 as a manufacturer of power supply and communication equipment, Takasago has continuously contributed to the advancement of society with its innovative technology and high product quality. Today, we firmly believe that the power control technology we have cultivated over the years will support our customers world-wide striving to realize carbon-neutral society.

Takasago’s mission is to "Contribute to the sustainable prosperity and growth of society together with our customers, through solutions that freely control energy." We will continue to proactively take on challenges, build relationships of trust with our customers through advancement of technology and product quality, and make further efforts to realize a sustainable society.

President Shinya Ajiro

Globally-focused objectives

TAKASAGO, LTD. was founded in 1950 as a manufacturer of communications and broadcasting equipment. With the development of semiconductor regulated DC power supply in 1959, Takasago became a cutting-edge industrial power supply manufacturer, commercializing a variety of products in response to the demands of the times.

Today, the Takasago brand of industrial power supply, utilizing our unique technology to freely control high-voltage, large-capacity electrical energy, is widely recognized in Japan. Takasago is contributing to the development of new xEV in the automotive industry and as xEV development continues to grow world-wide, TAKASAGO, LTD. will take on the challenge of helping realize a carbon-neutral society not only in Japan but also globally.