Bi-directional Power Supply

Bidirectional power supply includes built-in inverter and converter to swap between direct and alternating currents.
Efficiency is greater than 91% when redirecting stored energy back into the facility; providing significant electrical savings.
Takasago offers a family of products for EV drivetrain testing.

Regenerative Hybrid power supply


Hybrid high-voltage DC power supply and cycler for battery emulation, inverter, and traction motor testing.


Regenerative charging / discharging system

RBT, RBT-2 Series

With power control technology and next-generation switching methods, Takasago DC-cyclers can source and sink power within a single unit.

Our products offer high-speed response, high accuracy, and high reliability performance for battery cycle testing.


Regenerative DC power supply

RPS Series

With power control technology and a new generation switching method, it can source and sink power with a single unit.

This machine offers battery emulation for verification test of inverter and traction motor.