Regenerative Hybrid power supplyRZ-X2-100K

Hybrid high-voltage DC power supply and cycler for battery emulation, inverter, and traction motor testing.


  • Suitable for R&D and Quality assurance testing of battery modules /packs, inverters and traction motors.
  • Variable voltage and current anywhere within in 100kW power envelope. (Rated Voltage: 750V, Rated Power: ±400kW).
  • Supplies 2MW with Max. 20 units expansion.
  • Emulates actual battery usage scenarios while maintaining stability.
  • High speed response≦ 10msec. and seamless switching between sourcing / loading.
  • Reduce stress to DUT with no overshoot or undershoot of current.
  • Safety features such as “Over-voltage, over-current, and over-temperature detection”, “Earth leakage breaker” and “E-stop button”
  • Slew rate function and sequential operation.
  • Large Touch Panel.
  • High efficiency and low noise.
  • Thermostatic chamber interlock.
  • CAN / CAN FD interface options.

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