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Message from President

Thank you for visiting our website.


Currently, it is said that the main cause of the environmental problems such as global-warming and climate change surrounding us is the increase of greenhouse gases by fossil fuels, mainly CO2, which have been contributed to the development of civilization since the industrial revolution.
Therefore, the realization of "carbon-neutral" which balances CO2 generation and absorption,has been a global concern including Japan.


Technical development for reducing CO2 emission have increasingly become active by electrification of internal-combustion-engines for automobiles, ships and aircrafts and even by making electricity from natural energy.


We have provided solutions for fine-control of electrical energy with regeneration technology and high-efficiency technology in R&D and production of the electrification of internal-combustion-engines mainly for automobiles.
In addition, we keep challenging in various situation of energy-use-society with high-efficient technology for utilization of natural energy.


Our mission is to "contribute to the sustainable prosperity and growth of society together with our customers by providing solutions that freely control energy", and we will find problems together with our customers and we will challenge to solve continuously.
This is what we hope.

Norihiko Uesugi

Hometown Yonezawa, Yamagata Prefecture
Hobby Home vegetable gardening and making models
Favorite book Crisis Management Know-how by Atsuyuki Sasa
Favorite food Sake from Tsuruoka